Frequently Asked Questions

AMPatch Usage

Q. What is the AMPatch used for?
A. The AMPatch is a flexible stoma cover designed to collect and retain the mucous discharge from a stoma for individuals that have a continent ileostomy, continent urostomy, sigmoid colostomy, or mucous fistula.


Q. Why are there different levels of absorbency?
A. Everyone has a different amount of mucous discharge so the AMPatch is manufactured in different absorbencies to suit the individual's needs.


Q. How can I make the AMPatch stick better?
A. The AMPatch is designed to and will stick satisfactorily on it's own, but, if needed, some liquid skin barriers will enhance the adhesiveness of the AMPatch.


Q. What color is the AMPatch?
A. They are flesh tone in color.


Q. Can the AMPatch be customized?
A. Yes, the hole size and location can be customized on every style of AMPatch.


Q. How long can I wear the AMPatch?
A. It is different for every individual but after it is applied, it should last until the next time you intubate or irrigate.

Falls Off

Q. Why does my AMPatch keep falling off?
A. If there is any residue from any source on the skin around the stoma, the AMPatch may fall off. It is recommended that the area around the stoma be cleansed with water and dried thoroughly before applying the AMPatch. If there are still problems with the adhesiveness of the AMPatch, please call Austin Medical Products at 800-223-9310.


Q. Does the AMPatch come with a filter?
A. No, but external stick-on charcoal filters that are sold separately do work on the AMPatch.


Q. What are the differences in flexibility?
A. There are no major differences in the flexibility of the different styles, but there is a slight difference and each individual has different preferences relating to how the AMPatch feels on their skin.

Hole Sizes

Q. What hole sizes are available?
A. Holes from 1/2" to 1 1/2" in diameter can be custom cut into the AMPatch.


Q. Is the AMPatch covered by insurance plans?
A. Yes, the AMPatch is covered by most insurance plans. However, Austin Medical Products does not accept assignment. This simply means that we require payment for the product up front and you file with your insurance company for reimbursement. Please remember to retain copies of your invoices to file with your insurance. (FYI - your insurance claim will go much more smoothly if you find out from your physician what your diagnosis code is and turn this in with every claim you submit. The insurance company will not process your claim without this information and we do not have/provide that information.)


Q. Can the AMPatch be used for intimate moments?
A. Yes! The AMPatch is very discreet and flesh toned, perfect for intimate occasions.

Latex Free

Q. Is the AMPatch latex free?
A. Yes, they are latex free and they are hypo allergenic, meaning that the materials used in the AMPatch have been tested and found to be free from causing allergic reactions in most individuals when used under normal circumstances.


Q. What is the most popular AMPatch?
A. The G-3 is the most popular AMPatch.


Q. How many are in a box?
A. Most of the AMPatches come 50 to a box.


Q. Can I reuse the AMPatch?
A. It is not designed to be used more than once, but some individuals are able to "restick" it after it is removed.


Q. Can I get samples?
A. Yes, please call 1-866-217-3857 and speak with Chris.

Shelf Life

Q. How long will the AMPatch keep?
A. The AMPatch will keep for an undetermined amount of time, however, if stored at temperatures below 55 degrees Fahr. or above 85 degrees Fahr., they will be adversely affected.

Skin Irritation

Q. Why is my skin irritated?
A. Occasionally, the skin will turn red under and around the AMPatch. This is predominately the result of the evaporation through the skin of chemicals that are part of all the foods and medications we all consume. These chemicals are trapped under the AMPatch and may cause irritation.


Q. Can the AMPatch be used for swimming?
A. Yes, in fact, there are individuals that scuba dive, play ice hockey and participate in numerous other activities. However, the AMPatch should be applied at least 2 hours before strenuous activities to give the adhesive enough time to reach it's maximum strength.

Universal Dressing

Q. What is a Universal Dressing?
A. A Universal Dressing is a dressing that is sold as separate pieces of the AMPatch, i.e. tape and absorbent material, so the individual can construct their own AMPatch if they wish.